Date Time Location Notes
September 19th 8:00 pm

Sudwerks Microbrew
2001 2nd Street Davis, CA 95618

This will be a meet and greet, nothing special planned. Possible cruise to Sac.
September 23rd 3:30 pm

Old Sacramento
On top of old Sacramento plaza parking garage.

We will be taking pictures of the crew and handing out stickers. If your interested in reprasenting then bring money for gear.
September 30th 8:00 pm Sudwerks Microbrew
2001 2nd Street Davis, CA 95618
End of the month meeting. Introduce all new members (if any) andgo on a drive through downtown Davis.
October 3rd 7:00 pm IKEA Parking Lot
In West Sacramento
Meeting up in location for beginning of the month meet a greet.
October 9th 8:00 pm Belair Parking Lot
In Woodland, Ca
Willbe representing our freidns who work at Belair as it will be closing at the end of this month.

Club Rules

1. In event of a member being absent from three consecutive events, shows, meeting in a row and not giving a satisfactory reason for absence, the member will be automatically suspended from the club and will be discussed with the team at a meeting.
2. All vehicles are expected to be clean and maintained up to the vehicles maximum potential. Remember our vehicles represent New Image 24/7 & the club reputation.
3. Vehicles & members will be re-evaluated and the end of the year pending the New Year membership.
4. If a member breach the rules & regulation of the club a meeting shall be held to enquired whether a cause for expulsion has arisen or not. In event the member is found guilty of misbehavior or breach of contract, the member will be called before the club to explain his/her reason. If the club feels the reason is not satisfactory he/she will be suspended or be required to resign as a member. Should the member be terminated, they must remove any association with team New Image on their vehicles & or website if applicable. Anything and everything with the logo on it is property of new image auto club Inc.
5. In the event the President cannot attend the club event, the vice President will be in charged otherwise appointed.
6. In addition to these rules we have other rules that will be given to you before you sign the applications.
7. By submitting an application you understand and agree to all the rules above.

Contraband is committed to maintaining the confidentially of personal information that you provide to us. We will not distribute your information to a second or third parties. We restrict access to all personal information to the team President and or vice president. We team New Image have equal rights & opportunity for all potential members

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